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Financial Benefits


  • Home Front (non-combat) 1,928₪
  • Combat Support 2,665₪
  • Kravi (Combat) 3,583₪

Food stipend for all soldiers for groceries (Supersol) 150₪

The 150₪ food stipend is placed on their army ID card (choger)  every month and can be used at a variety of locations. This must be used within two months of it being added to your card, or it will be forfeited.

Lone Soldiers receive a gift card called Kochavim – Stars Card, they will receive a link for a digital card to be used to purchase clothing and equipment at various stores. Lone Soldiers also receive gifts from the army at holiday times such as sheets, towels and robes.

Housing Benefits

All soldiers receive an additional housing benefit in the amount of 1,750₪ per month.

Discount on Arnona (municipal taxes). If a soldier lives with roommates, the discount is limited to the soldier’s portion of the apartment. In order to receive this benefit your soldier must bring the original rental contract, Ishur Sherut Sadir (a certificate of military service), Teudat Zehut, Choger, and Teudat Chayal Boded to the municipality.

Lone Soldiers that have made aliyah are entitled to an additional 402₪  rental stipend per month from Misrad Habinui as part of their Oleh Chadash benefits. This benefit begins in the 8th month after making Aliyah and will be paid automatically into the bank account provided to the Misrad Haklita with.

A 50% discount on the electricity bill is given to soldiers renting apartments. The name of the soldier must be registered on the apartment contract and on the electric bill. To receive this benefit your soldier should contact moked chayal (*1111) to make sure their name appears on the list of those who are eligible, and then call the *103 hotline of the electric company.

A lone soldier moving to a new apartment can ask for a truck to help with their move, they are not entitled to it but may receive it as a courtesy.  Lone Soldier may also request that the army provide them with needed electrical appliances such as washers, refrigerators and stove. They may also request help with furniture. In any of these cases The Michael Levin Lone Soldier Foundation is available to assist.

Time off

A Yom Siddurim is a day off given to soldiers to take care of personal affairs; they are entitled to one a month during a course or basic training; and one every two months during the rest of their service.

When Lone Soldiers are off for Shabbat they are entitled to leave Friday (or in the case of holidays, on Erev Chag) in time to be home by 12:00 pm during the summer months, or by 11:00 am during the winter months. If they are stationed far from home then they are entitled to leave on Thursday evening (chamshoosh).

When parents are visiting, Lone Soldiers are entitled to receive up to eight days per year. Friday/Shabbat and Holidays can be considered part of the eight days. The length of the time off is dependent on your soldier’s officer. You may be asked to provide your flight itinerary before this leave is granted.

Lone Soldiers are entitled to leave (meyuchedet) to visit family abroad. This leave is up to 30 days and can be taken annually after eight months of service. Leave must be approved by the soldier’s officer and should be requested at least two months prior.

Your soldier can get help from their Mashakit Tash (social worker) in requesting and confirming all benefits listed above. In addition, if your soldier is being denied benefits they are entitled to they should call Moked Chayalim (*1111) to request help in resolving any issues.

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