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Who we are:

The Michael Levin Lone Soldier Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and was established by Mark and Harriet Levin, Michael Levin’s parents. We are fulfilling our mission, and Michael’s dream, to help Lone Soldiers before, during and after their service by providing grants to organizations in Israel serving the needs of lone soldiers. The Foundation is uniquely qualified to find, and fund, those programs and services which make the greatest impact on serving our Lone Soldiers.

What we do:

While they may be called Lone Soldiers, the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Foundation is here to make sure that they are never alone. The Foundation is unique, we have the knowledge and experience to find and fund the programs and services most needed by our Lone Soldiers during ordinary times these include:

  • One on one mental health counseling for current and veteran soldiers in need;
  • Shabbat and holiday meals served to over 1,500 Lone Soldiers;
  • Assistance for injured or sick soldiers to quickly see a medical specialist;
  • Seminars educating Lone Soldiers on discharge benefits,  budgeting, job search assistance, and CV writing;
  • Housing;
  • Care packages, and base visits for Lone Soldiers;
  • A joint venture providing socks, underwear, hats, towels, and toiletry essentials;

But these are not ordinary times

With Israel at war, The Foundation has funded critical supplies such as tourniquets, hydration packs, energy bars, first aid kits and much more to soldiers on the front lines. Israel has never fought a war during winter, and we needed to keep our soldiers warm, so The Foundation provided jackets, handwarmers, sleeping bags and blankets. As the war goes on, we are planning for the evolving and changing needs of these brave young men and women and are placing an emphasis on funding what we believe will be one of the most significant needs, mental health counseling.

The Michael Levin Lone Soldier Foundation also provides essential support, advice, and resources to parents of Lone Soldiers. In addition to ensuring that their Lone Soldiers are never alone, we also make sure that’s true for Lone Soldier parents too.

Organizations we fund:

Lone Soldier Sefer Torah

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About Michael Levin

Michael Levin

Michael Levin made Aliyah from Philadelphia in 2002 and joined the Paratroopers. In the summer of 2006, he was given leave to visit his family in the United States. Two weeks into his trip, war broke out on Israel’s northern border.

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"A Hero in Heaven" Documentary

“A Hero in Heaven” is a 45-minute documentary that chronicles the life of Michael Levin (z”l), the only American-Israeli soldier killed during the Israeli/Hezbollah war in 2006.

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