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Fundraise for Lone Soldiers

B’nai Mitzvah Program

Often, it’s the men and women serving in the IDF from whom we draw inspiration. But we are inspired too by young men and women celebrating their bar and bat mitzvahs who decide they want to mark these special occasions in their lives to lead fundraising campaigns to help Lone Soldiers. For our B’nei Mitzvah Program, young men and women can make a general donation or pick a specific cause, such as Shabbat dinner, housing, Passover Seders, and pre-army training. To set up an individual fundraising campaign to celebrate an upcoming Simcha, please click on Bar/Bat mitzvah Chesed Project under the ‘Get Involved’ tab at the top of the home page, or email [email protected].

Lone Soldier Shabbat

We encourage congregations to host a “Lone Soldier Shabbat”, choosing a weekend and asking congregants to make that Shabbat in honor of Lone Soldiers. We can help arrange for a current or former lone soldier to speak at your congregation’s shabbat meal, giving them first hand a more complete understanding of the Lone Soldier experience.

Congregations may also consider choosing a Shabbat to honor our brave young mean and women serving as lone soldiers. Congregants can donate the amount that would have been spent on dinner, a bottle of wine or a bouquet towards Shabbat dinner for lone soldiers! You may ask them to donate here michaellevinlonesoldier.org/donate/ and let us know it’s for your Lone Soldier Shabbat!

What better way for your community to help provide a sense of community for lone soldiers than to give them a Shabbat dinner to gather, to eat and to talk.

If your congregation is interested in hosting a Lone Soldier Shabbat, please send an email to [email protected].

Parlor Meeting

Bring The Michael Levin Lone Soldier Foundation to your community. We will work with you to help design an event specific to your needs, deepen your community’s connection with IDF Lone Soldiers, and raise money to support them.

If you’re interested in hosting a parlor meeting, please send an email to [email protected].

Video Event

Want to host a video event with Mark and Harriet Levin, or a lone soldier, or show “A Hero in Heaven” to your members or friends? We can help you set that up, just contact us at [email protected].

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