1-888-4L-SOLDIER (1-888-457-6534)

Please ask your soldiers to send to you the following information:

  • The way they spell their name in Hebrew.
  • Their mispar eeshee – military ID number.
  • What battalion and unit they are in and what base they are posted on for example: Paratropers 101, Palchan Golanin etc.
  • Their direct commander’s name and phone number.
  • Their full address in Israel along with roommates names and phone numbers. If your child lives on a kibbutz then the kibbutz director’s name and phone number.
  • The names and numbers of their adopted family If they have one
  • The name and phone number of their mashakit tash (social worker)

Here are some useful numbers for your soldier (and you too):

The Michael Levin Base for Lone Soldiers – +972 2-655-1920

IDF Lone Soldier Hotline – Moked Chayalim – 1111 (the department in the IDF charged with making sure that lone soldiers get what they are entitled to.

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